Exams & Hygiene

Dental X-ray

Cleaning and Prevention 

Your hygienist will evaluate the condition of your gums, the amount of calculus (tarter), plaque, and bone lost. This allows an accurate diagnosis and determination of the most effective type of cleaning needed. Your hygienist may recommend more than one visit to improve and maintain the condition of your gums and bone.

Prevention of tooth decay is improved greatly with fluoride applications and tooth sealants in the office and concentrated fluoride at home. 

Comprehensive Exams

We use state of the art equipment to collect as much information as possible to enable us to educate our patients and provide the highest quality service. 
Visual examination includes TMJ and oral cancer patient exam

X-rays are digital and the highest resolution to detect the smallest cavities and other possible problems

Intra-oral camera allows patients to see condition of teeth and gums.
Health history review including current mediation and blood pressure monitoring
Dental X-ray
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